Flavour and fashion collide to reflect a unique retail experience

Beltane&Pop Brand / Film / Print / Digital
Inspired by the celebratory mood and artistic eccentricity of British festivals, Beltane&Pop creates a world where flavour, fashion and art collide head on.

We helped define and name an ambitious vision that sees childhood favourites updated for grown-up tastes such as hot chocolate and choux pastries, ice-pops and slushes, that offer an extraordinary treat but form only part of the experience.

A spirit of 'joyful eccentricity' acts as the foundation for all expressions of the brand, which have resulted in an immersive film, packaging, website, publications, menu systems and environments. A kaleidoscopic 'box of wonder' sits on London's Southbank, a restyled Asquith van at Spitalfields and an illuminated cabin at Kew Gardens; all form an artistic brand expression that delight customers across London.