Introducing Chinese Hotpot to Londoners

Shuang Shuang Brand / Digital / Environment / Print
Hotpot is a long established family favourite in China and East Asia, a social and fun way of eating which has, until now, been conspicuously missing from the London dining scene.

Collaborating with an established restaurateur whose ambition was to bring hotpot with a contemporary twist to London and beyond, we named and created a brand to help not only launch their flagship restaurant, but initially convince landlords that the concept was suitable for a prime London location. The name 'Shuang Shuang' is a play on Chinese slang – roughly translating as 'feeling good, with a bit of oh yeah!'; exactly the sense of fun and enjoyment they wished to instil in customers.

The visual identity is inspired by contemporary Chinese culture, combining commissioned artworks by U.S. based artist Xochi Solis and a graphic labelling system that brings clarity to the menu and processes. The overall experience is easy and enjoyable, the perfect hotpot for both novices and natives alike.